Grow. Cook. Eat. Season 2

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Grow. Cook. Eat. Season 2 - Provided by eHow
This May, get ready for season two of eHow's Grow. Cook. Eat., featuring Willi Galloway and her new Portland, Oregon, backyard garden. View Video Transcript

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Willi Galloway

Willi Evans Galloway loves to read, write, talk about, and teach people how to garden organically and grow their own food. For the past five years, she has worked as the West Coast Editor of Organic Gardening magazine. Willi also recently created, a site that serves up gardening and cooking inspiration. Willi lives in Seattle with her husband, four pet chickens, a lawn-destroying Labrador, and way too many tomato plants.

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Willi and I'm Jon with eHow's "Grow, Cook, Eat" and we grow a lot of our own food. Yep, we've got chickens in our back yard and a big vegetable garden. We had a blast filming Season One last Summer but since then we've moved from Seattle to Portland and we're busy getting our garden all ready to go for the new season. So check back soon for new episodes of "Grow, Cook, Eat" and thanks for watching.